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Celebrating Excellence: ‘Best Performer in Value Addition Activities’ Award

We are honored to share some exciting news with you all! 

On the 25th of October, our sister company, “The Tanzanite Experience,” received a prestigious accolade that reflects their dedication to excellence and the commitment to providing clients with the very best Tanzanite Experiences.

The Ministry of Minerals has awarded The Tanzanite Experience as the “Best Performer in Value Addition Activities” for 2023 at the esteemed Mining and Investment Forum awards,  This remarkable achievement acknowledges the unwavering commitment to enhancing the value of Tanzanite, a gemstone that is truly a Tanzanian treasure.

At The Tanzanite Experience, they strive hard to provide their customers with the most elegant Tanzanite pieces, whether purchased in-store or through worldwide shipping. They believe each Tanzanite gem tells a unique story, and they are here and ready for you to discover its beauty and significance.

The award awarded to the Tanzanite Experience

Your immersive experiences are available at The Tanzanite flagship stores, including the iconic Blue Plaza in Arusha and Manyara Kibaoni, which stand out for having the unique mining museum replica worldwide, as well as the ten other shop locations across Tanzania. When you visit the stores, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the rich history and significance of Tanzanite.
  • Have access to the Tanzanite jewelry collection.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for this precious gemstone found exclusively in Tanzania.
  • Experience and insight into the replicated mines and the knowledge of digging up the Tanzanite stones.

As we proudly speak of our sister company, “The Tanzanite Experience”, it should be on your itinerary to visit during your adventure and enhance your experience and knowledge about Tanzanite.

Order yourself The Tanzanite jewelry and Gems at our online shop.

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