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“The Name Speaks For Itself.”

It was on a clear morning, on the 8th of September, that Ally and his loved ones set out for a truly miraculous experience. These locals living in Dar Es Salaam travelled to Arusha to enjoy and discover the treasures of the Serengeti through their own eyes for the first time. While the endless plains of the Serengeti and its vibrant fauna are part of the cultural heritage of the locals, it is still a surprise to notice that not all Tanzanians have had the chance to lay eyes on its secrets.

It was thus with great excitement that Ally and his team hopped aboard one of our hot air balloons on this Tuesday morning, shortly before sunrise. Gently rising into the air, the group got their first glimpse of the still-dark plains before the sun gradually peaked over the horizon to gently wake up the grasslands. Guided by their pilot, the group was able to safely enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure, spotting various animals hidden in the wild before gently touching down in the middle of the Serengeti. The group was then treated to a five star breakfast in the bush.

Here’s what Ally had to say:

“Where do I even start? An experience that stays in the heart forever. We had a wonderful flight on the 8th of sept 2020. The pilot spotted animals we would never have seen by ourselves, super alert. It’s a once in a lifetime trip, but now i’m having thoughts of going again. The bush breakfast is the icing on the cake. Special thanks to the reservation’s manager, Mr. Sammy, for the incredible preparations. Always there to assist and make plans better every time. An item off the bucket list. Miracle Experience Balloon Safari, the name speaks for itself. Kudos to you all.”

Ally and his loved ones are some of our latest locals who have made the voyage to uncover the beauty of this mythical place. The Miracle Experience team is always glad to help the local community enjoy what is rightfully theirs. The Serengeti is the heart of Tanzania and so should the people have the opportunity to cross this adventure off their bucket list.

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