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Juni 24, 2024

The Amazing Migration from Above

An amazing experience from the moment we arrived to the launch site until we left the Bush Breakfast. We could not have asked for a better morning. First of all the accommodations and amenities in the middle of the Serengeti before the sun began to shine was amazing. Coffee, cookies, tea and a loo were available to everyone anxiously awaiting the journey ahead. The team was extremely thorough when providing instructions and pointing out safety needs during our flight. From the minute we left the earth, our outstanding pilot, Jonesy was able to identify several groups of animals as we floated with the clouds. The most outstanding moment came when Jonesy spied a dark line on the horizon and expertly guided our path using nothing but the winds aloft to the most amazing site we have ever seen. The close we glided to this gigantic shadow, the more it became clear we were about to experience something amazing. The sound of zebras barking and wildebeests buzzing and humming could be heard and seen as far as the eye could see. The Great Migration was taking place as it has for centuries and we were floating a mere small distance above the scene. The excitement of our pilot at the experience only added to our realizing that we were enjoying an unusual occurrence. As we floated above the migration, and the sun was rising above the clouds, we witnessed the most amazing site of wildlife imaginable. We were still in disbelief as we set down safely and toasted our successful return to earth with a tradition dating back to the inventors and pilots of the first hot air balloonists. We thought we had seen it all. That is until we arrived at our brunch location, complete with song and dance from our chase crew and some of the best food on the Serengeti. The loo with a view was amazing and we could not have asked for a more outstanding experience.

April 16, 2024

The highlight of my trip

One of the best things I have ever experienced. The highlight of my Tanzania trip without question.

November 13, 2023


Amazing flight over the Serengeti with pilot Rosa ! Beautiful scenery, lots of wild animals, gorgeous sunrise and a delicious breakfast ! Rosa was terrific and we felt 100% safe all the time!

Rafael M
Oktober 25, 2023

Best time ever in Serengeti Safari !!!

A once-in-a-lifetime experience...the balloon flight in Africa Safari Serengheti. We had the best balloon driver, Mr. Baris who made our flight very pleasant, he is a funny guy. We felt safe the whole time, being the first time we flew with the balloon.

Joni R
Oktober 21, 2023

Incredible experience

The pilot was very friendly but also very professional and effective. The flight was absolutely wonderful! We saw so many animals and the pilot was great about bringing us lower to see some and then higher to see the whole view! Breakfast after was fun!

Gill C
Oktober 21, 2023

Dream Flight over the Serengeti

Fabulous experience
Captain Ali was amazing pointing out all the animals and keeping everyone entertained

Andrea P
Oktober 19, 2023

Perfect flight over Northern Serengeti

A wonderful experience. Very well organized and managed. Customer care friendliness and professionalism. Matt, the pilot was charming and great.
Sehr empfehlenswert

Henry H
Oktober 19, 2023

Ballooning over Serengeti

Fantastic!! Highly recommend this company. Pilot and staff were great. Wonderful breakfast to follow and the “”Loo with a View” was outstanding.

Peter K
Oktober 17, 2023

Balloon ride in Tanzania

We were able to enjoy a really nice balloon ride! The whole trip was extremely well organized and perfectly executed. Thank you very much!

Oktober 17, 2023


A once in a lifetime experience.
From the coffee before flying too the Breakfast after, the team gave us a fantastic experience with beauteful Scenarie, and smiling people everywhere.
if we ever should go again, i would do this once more

Lorri M
Oktober 16, 2023

Totally Awesome!

A wonderful experience over the Serengeti. Our pilot, Moses, and his wife Amanda, both Canadians, were very friendly and knowledgeable. Clearly Moses loves his job, is good at it, and shares his excitement and enthusiasm with guests as well as his big focus on safety. Our landing was perfect. Our trip was completed with champagne after landing, a wonderful breakfast and warm African welcome. I highly recommend this company and their hot air balloon ride.

Oktober 16, 2023


Perfect! Amazing crew from the pick up with Joan that is very professional and funny to the persons that serve the breakfast and the pilot : just perfect. An amazing experience of our honeymoon that we will never forget !

David P
Oktober 16, 2023

Fantastic Balloon Ride!

Fantastic, once-in-a-lifteime experience, and Captain CJ was phenomenal. Lovely to float over the Serengeti silently after being in 4x4s. Great breakfast too. Hope to return and do again in the rainy season!

Laura M
Oktober 16, 2023


Where to start!? This experience was the single most memorable experience of our trip. Our guide surprised us with this and as we walked up we were greeted by the most contagiously positive and friendly people! They greeted us with an extremely refreshing watermelon drink and with song and dance!

We had a private table set up for us and we loved the "loo with a view" concept. So incredibly cute, yet clean and functional and a nice break in the Serengeti where you mostly have to "check the tires".

The food here was INCREDIBLE. So tasty, so flavourful, so much variety. We were so surprised that such a tasty and memorable meal could be cheffed up in the middle of the bush! Props to the chef!!!! After our lunch the staff came out singing and dancing with a cake that they baked us for our honeymoon. They were all so genuinely happy for us and celebrating for us. We even joined in and had a dance with them!

This experience overall was so worth it coming from a hot safari day in the Serengeti! Do not hesitate to book this experience, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Krupa G
Oktober 13, 2023

This has ruined all other hot air balloon experiences for us

A beyond wonderful and breathtaking experience for our honeymoon! There is no way we can go on another hot air balloon experience after soaring over the Serengeti and seeing wildebeest migrations. Our pilot, Niccolo, was great at pointing out animals and navigating us over the Serengeti. The company even provided pick up from our lodge in the morning and had coffee and tea ready for us before we took flight. It was exciting to land in the middle of the bush and share a champagne toast with the other passengers. The breakfast in the bush afterwards was very delicious! The staff at the breakfast tent were incredibly kind and gracious. They even had a cake for my husband and me to celebrate our honeymoon with another couple. Thank you to the entire staff (our driver, pilot and breakfast staff) for making our visit unforgettable!

Victoria D
Oktober 13, 2023

Early morning Safari!

The night before our hot air balloon experience, Peter came and gave us a briefing. All the directions and information was provided in a clear and efficient manner. He picked us up the next morning and we were off. He was very friendly and kind, and we enjoyed talking to him. Once we got to the location for the hot air balloon, we were offered coffee, tea and use of the restroom. We then proceeded to go on our hot air balloon. The process was very simple and again instructions clear. Our pilot Ali (Ali baba) was knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Once we got into the air, we saw a few animals and had some warm coffee! Landing was smooth and we felt safe the entire time. Once we landed we were pleasantly surprised with a champagne toast! The group had a photographer that took photos of everyone. We then proceeded to the delicious bush breakfast. The staff was very kind and even surprised us with a wedding cake, as we were here for our honeymoon. They sang and danced for us as well. The food was delicious and overall the experience was 10/10. I highly recommend this group for your hot air balloon experience!

Christa L
Oktober 10, 2023

The best experience ever !!! Thanks!!!

This flight was so wonderful and amazing! We had a fantastic view and we were drifting so quiet over lots of animals!
Thank you very much for these exiting hours inclusive the real fantastic breakfast under the tent whith the excellent service!
The whole stuff was so positive… we had so much fun!!!
You are the best!!!
Christa & Walter

Rob G
Oktober 9, 2023

Serengeti from above.

This was the most amazing experience we have ever had. The mere fact that one can glide silently above the trees and absorb the expanse of the Serengeti plains is surreal. Animals abounded below. The professional operation that this team run is truly someting to behold. From the early morning briefing with coffee and wifi deep in the bush to the the off, 45 minutes of sheer exhilaration, the landing followed by Champagne and then a true English breakfast in the bush which was fabulous. A ceremonial certificate was present to each person. Well done to Moses and his whole team for a wondeful experience never to be forgotten. This professional outfit is truly amazing.

Oktober 8, 2023

Balloon safari with Miracle Experience was unforgettable 💯

Moses and his team from Miracle Experience exceeded our expectations and provided the most memorable experience for us. To view the majesty of the vast Serengeti plains as we floated along is how memories are made.
After the balloon trip we were treated to a magnificent breakfast in their eco-friendly oasis.

Thank you for the unforgettable morning.

David Rives
Oktober 8, 2023

Honeymoon gift safari ballooning

We were given this option as a honeymoon gift, this was out first balloon flight (I am afraid of heights, so I did not know what to expect). It all started early morning, to see the sunrise from the balloon launch area. The “take off” was very interesting. The flight was unbelievable great! I was not afraid of the height. Awesome views of Serengeti, our great pilot (cpt Moses) showed us many animals.
The landing even more interesting than the take off. The bush breakfast was delishous.
We got surprise singing and a cake because our tour agency told them that we were on out honeymoon. The staff was extremly nice, friendly and professional!
As an airline pilot it was a uniqe experience to fly with a balloon, I can only recommend to everybody to try it!
I hope to return one day!