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Tarangire National Park: An Adventure That Must Top Your Bucket List!

Tarangire-Nationalpark, located in Tanzania, is a natural wonderland that beckons travelers with its unique and captivating features. It is often referred to as the “Baobab Capital of the World” due to the abundance of ancient baobab trees that dot its landscape, creating a surreal and picturesque backdrop for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

The park does not only stand out for the Baobab ancient trees but is also filled with an abundance of wonders and is home to many beautiful species of wildlife. It harbors big herds of elephants that roam the dense park, and of course, we can’t forget the wide range of diverse bird species for those who are bird lovers. 

Miracle Experience Balloon Safaris has the privilege of operating in the enchanting Tarangire region, and the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. We owe our success to your trust and support in making your itineraries unforgettable. You may also enhance your adventure by including a hot bush lunch, which we serve in Tarangire National Park with breathtaking river views. 

elephants from Tarangire National Park Miracle experience Balloon Safari

In light of your valuable feedback and our commitment to improving your experience, we are excited to inform you of a substantial reduction in our hot air balloon safari rates in Tarangire-Nationalpark that began this month. This breathtaking location’s new Heißluftballon-Safari rate is now just $550 per person!

We understand that many of your clients aspire to experience the magic of a hot air balloon safari within Tarangire-Nationalpark. To make this dream more accessible, we have thoughtfully adjusted our rates. But please note that we adhere to the TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks) regulations, where guests participating in our hot air balloon safaris within the park must also pay a park entrance fee on the day of the balloon ride, which is not included in the hot air balloon rates.

We thank you for your continued trust in Miracle Experience Balloon Safaris. We look forward to sharing the Tarangire hot air balloon experience with you at our new, more accessible rate. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your Tarangire National Park adventure truly exceptional!

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