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Safety and


Pilots and


All of our devoted staff members have extensive expertise and are skilled in first aid and hot air balloon operations. Our commercially qualified pilots excel at professional safety and fire training and have a combined total of more than 20,000 flight hours. The ground crew team consists of experienced and professional balloon handlers.



We conduct TCAA-compliant inspections of our balloons and other equipment either once a year or every 100 hours. We exclusively use cutting-edge, specially constructed balloons when we fly. Before every flight, our staff conducts thorough pre-flight inspections and utilizes elaborate checklists that were specifically created for our balloons.



We consider each passenger's unique situation while determining whether or not to fly. We will need information on your age and weight and any disabilities you may have to ensure we can cater to any specific requirements. When determining whether to continue with the trip, we consider age and disabilities, and weight when determining how much fuel will be used for the flight.

Hot air


Our hot air balloons are equipped with the most advanced technology, silent burners, and the best and most comfortable baskets on the market. Up to 16 people can ride in one of our regular balloons. Our leopard print balloon is the ideal present for a husband to a wife, a girlfriend to a boyfriend, or a shared experience for a couple.



With the introduction of our newest glass bottom balloon—the first in all of Africa—we are happy to announce that we are now providing a truly unique experience. As we constantly work to bring fresh, intriguing aspects to ballooning, join us for a unique and memorable experience. Peek beneath your legs to unleash your inner adventurer and feel the rush of learning there are hundreds of feet between you and the ground.

Insurance certificate

All our balloons and vehicles are covered by an insurance package which also shields against any unlikely events resulting in injuries.