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At Miracle Experience, we’re playing our part in building a sustainable future and creating a better world for the next generation. We work hard to promote ecotourism and practice sustainability wherever we can.



We employ electric cars for our transportation within the park with the assistance of our partners at E-Motion in an effort to lessen the environmental impact of our operations. These zero-emission vehicles represent the future of Tanzania's transportation sector since they are rapidly gaining popularity and have widespread adoption in national parks.

In addition to having a far lower overall carbon footprint than conventional vehicles, they also produce almost no noise, making them much more animal-friendly.

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All the power for our bases, mobile and permanent, comes from the sun. In Tarangire and our other sites throughout the Serengeti, all of our on-site operations and amenities are solar-powered. To preserve a less disruptive ecosystem and blend in with the surrounding environment in the national park, we depend on solar energy to bring us the power we need in a more sustainable manner.
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We have implemented a waste recycling program that ensures that all of our waste is sorted according to its lifecycle.

Balloon Equipment
When the balloon equipment, basket, and envelope reach the end of their useful lives, we have a strategy to recycle them to make other functional goods like tables, chairs, and other ornamental wooden items.

Plastic Waste
All plastic bottles and cups are transported to a sorting center where they are cleaned for reuse or recycled into useable products.

Upcycling glass waste
All glass waste is supplied to Shanga, a social enterprise that uses recycled glass waste to make one-of-a-kind, premium handmade jewelry, glassware, and home goods. Hundreds of disabled people and their families have economic possibilities and a means of subsistence thanks to Shanga, which hires disabled people who would otherwise have difficulty finding work in Tanzania.

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We have established a water treatment system (reverse osmosis) at our main base in Central Serengeti, which is strategically positioned. This method eliminates impurities by using pressure to drive water molecules through a semipermeable membrane.

The impurities are washed out during this procedure, leaving our local boreholes' clean, leaving safe drinking water behind. This allows us to provide fresh water to nearby lodges and camps, reducing the movement of water bowsers to the camps, which harms the ecosystem and lowers our overall environmental impact.
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