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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is Situated a few miles to the South East of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks, the Tarangire Park stretches over miles of savannah, kopjes, and swamps. Named after the Tarangire River flowing through it, the park is home to a plethora of wild animals and boasts the largest elephant population in the area. Although significantly smaller than its neighbors, Tarangire is considered one of the most underrated parks in Tanzania.

Here are 6 reasons why you should visit the Tarangire:

Tarangire National Park view of Elephants

The Gentle Giants of Tarangire National Park

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of elephants can either be a ‘herd’ or a ‘memory’? This is due to the discovery that these magnificent mammals have incredible memories which allow them to remember humans and other elephants for years and years.

The Tarangire National Park has grown famous for its dense population of elephants. The dry season of June to October sees herds of up to 300 assemble and dig across the dried-up riverbed in search of underground water. Due to their large numbers, elephants remain easy to spot even during the wet season when the other animals of Tarangire tend to spread out across the plains.

Tarangire National Park baobab view

Indigenous Baobab Trees

The Tarangire park is said to have some of the oldest baobabs dating back to about 1000 years old. With sturdy trunks of up to 11 meters in diameter and a height reaching 30 meters, baobabs are both an iconic mark of the African landscape and a key element of the ecosystem. Known as ‘The Tree of Life’, this imposing giant helps keep the soil humid during dry seasons and provides food, water, and shelter to multiple birds, insects, and small reptiles.

Tarangire National Park drinking animals

2nd Largest Wildlife Population

The Tarangire National Park is the 2nd largest wildlife population after the Serengeti. Home to wildebeests, leopards, cheetahs, lions, wild dogs, cape buffalos, giraffes, baboons, monkeys, elephants, and many more, this relatively small plot of land is buzzing with life all year round.

The park also shelters three endangered species which can be found nowhere else in Tanzania, namely the fringe-eared oryx, the greater kudu, and the ashy starling.

The dry season brings plenty of viewing opportunities as the diverse wildlife gathers around waterholes and riverbanks in search of fresh water. If you are lucky, you may even have the chance to spot one of Tarangire’s famous tree-climbing pythons nestled in the low branches as the swamps dry up.

Tarangire National Park bird on tree

Ornithology Heaven

Thanks to its abundance of trees and habitats, Tarangire is a haven for over 550 species of birds, the largest number in Tanzania. Birdwatching enthusiasts are frequently attracted to the park for its wide variety and the ease with which you can spot them. From hoopoes, hornbills, white-bellied go-away birds, and yellow-collared lovebirds to kori bustards, steppe eagles, and lappet-faced vultures among others, the park is a true ornithology heaven.

Giraffes of Tarangire National Park

Changing Landscape

With its sinuating river, plains swamps, grassland, kopjes, and plethora of indigenous trees, the landscape of the Tarangire National Park is a kaleidoscope. Varying between an open savannah, spots of green pastures, and the flat swamps to the South West of the park, the Tarangire will never get boring. In addition, the huge baobab trees, the flowering sausage trees with their poisonous fruits, and the famous acacia trees are the final touches of this picturesque scenery. 

The View Of Tarangire National Park From The Miracle Experience Balloon View

Hot Air Balloon Safari Rides

You can now enjoy your safari from the sky. A hot air balloon flight over this diverse landscape offers you the Tarangire National Park and its thriving wildlife from a new perspective. You will get the chance to get a bird’s eye view of the unique fauna and flora of this haven while making unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Hop into one of your wicker baskets and let’s take off on this new adventure of a lifetime.

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