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A Luxurious Take on the Serengeti

As the crown jewel of all national parks, the Serengeti is a part of our heritage which we are happy to share with you. Since our birth in 2018, Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari has vowed to provide the best possible service and most luxurious bush experience to our clients from all around the globe.

Miracle Experience  Hot Air balloon safaris Customer service team in Serengeti

A 5-Star Booking and Client Service

Our safari does not begin the moment you kick off the ground, this experience begins the moment you contact our team for your reservation. Our team are trained to provide the smoothest exchange for your enjoyment.

Our platforms are also fully equipped to prepare you for what you can expect in a balloon safari and how to prepare for it. Our team will offer a continuous client service up to the end of your adventure, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Miracle Experience  Hot Air balloon safaris Staff members in Serengeti

A 5-Star Staff

Another appeal of our trip is its amazing staff. Each and every member of our team is highly devoted to giving you the most delightful experience with hotel grade professionalism and a charming personality which will keep you entertained and at ease throughout our trips.

Our pilots and guides are expertly trained with several years of experience to ensure a smooth and safe flight. Other than our amazing view, our staff and team is often the most appreciated part of the Miracle Experience.

Miracle Experience safaris Flights in Serengeti

A 5-Star view over the Serengeti

As most of our online reviews say, our Hot Air Balloon Safari offers a 5-Star view over the plains of the Serengeti and its wildlife. You will get the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling ride into the sky where you will observe the sunrise from above the clouds. 

You will bear witness to the beauty of the grassy plains, winding rivers and the thriving fauna which makes the Serengeti famous across the world. Animal lovers will be delighted to see the wildebeest migration as they cross the Mara River, the gazelles, and even some lions and cheetahs lounging in the tall grass.

Miracle Experience Bush Lunch in the Serengeti

5-Star Breakfast in the Bush

To complete our luxury tour, you will be treated to champagne and a selection of beverages on your way to our breakfast site. Once there, you will be welcomed by our team with special local dances and songs indulging you in the feel of Tanzania.

Once seated at our 5-Star worthy table, our professional cooks will propose a plethora of breakfast options which are sure to make your taste buds sing. You can also order special dishes and multiple courses from our menu ranging from custom-made eggs, sausages and pancakes to traditional local dishes.

Miracle Experience  Hot Air balloon safaris Flights in Serengeti

A 5-Star Experience

At Miracle Experience, we aim to put professionalism and quality in every part of our work. That means you will receive excellent treatment at every stage of the adventure, whether through our bookings or the journey itself. We are also proud to share with you the Serengeti with our personal touch; a wild, wonderful and beautiful place with a luxurious take on the bush.

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