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From apprehension to Zen

I was apprehensive about going on a hot air balloon ride (isn’t that thing only made of some sort of fabric and a wicker basket!?) However, the team at Miracle experience especially our guide Ramadan and our balloon pilot Captain Moses were really generous in ensuring that we were all at ease.

After a safety briefing, we were off! There are no words I can put on here to sufficiently describe the experience, but for me, all the anxiety I felt about ballooning vanished the moment we were off the ground. Drifting over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon was an oddly Zen experience that left me taking in the magnificent landscape, with the added bonus of animal sightings from the sky!

The winds were in our favor and after a smooth landing (thanks mostly to the expertise of Captain Moses), we were welcomed back on solid ground with a glass of champagne and thereafter driven out for a wonderful and tasty breakfast in the wild, not forgetting the thoughtful certificate given to all guests in a small ceremony. To enjoy and make the most of this experience, I recommend going for Miracle Experience, they are striving for excellence!