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Endless Plains, Endless Adventures. 

Stretching across almost 1.5 million hectares of land along the northern border of Tanzania, the Serengeti is a haven of wilderness just waiting to take your breath away. Having acquired its name from the apt Maasai translation simplified to ‘Endless plains,’ the Serengeti National Park offers an unparalleled adventure to those curious about its wonders.

Miracle Experience soaring in the skies above seeing Endless Plains

Miracle Experience Balloon Safaris

A Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari enables you to spread your wings and take flight among the birds of one of the 7 Wonders of Africa and get a matchless perspective of the grassland stretching far beyond the horizon and its thriving wildlife with Endless Plains.

The sun rising over the Serengeti Endless Plains

Watch the sunrise over these endless plains, shining off rivers and bringing the Serengeti to life. Our promise to you consists of making you the witnesses of nature and wildlife at their most exciting and mesmerizing best.

An amazing view of the Serengeti with Miracle Experience balloons and seeing Endless Plains

The Hot Air Balloon Safari offers you an unparalleled view of the Endless Plains Serengeti, higher than any traditional safari may provide. A truly unique miraculous experience that you will carry with you forever.


The curving rivers and grassy Endless Plains of the Serengeti are home to a plethora of wild animals living together in this sanctuary; left almost untouched by the human hand.

Endless Plains

Lions, giraffes, elephants, leopards, Nile crocodiles, and white-bearded wildebeest, among numerous others, share this land, maintaining the natural cycle of life. All throughout the year, you will be able to spot the greatest migration known to man. Witness the majestic wildebeests crossing the Mara river on their way to newer, greener pastures.

You will experience this spectacle from the sky, watching as millions of Wildebeests, Zebras, and Gazelles congregate in a single horde. Discover the different aspects of this mystical land while adventure upon adventure unfolds in front of your eyes.

However, what would all those wonders of Africa be without their people? Miracle Experience immerses you in the rich culture and heart-warming spirit, which gives Tanzania its unique soul.

The Miracle Experience team with a smile

Our team welcomes you with a traditional dance and song coupled with renowned African hospitality for a moment of indulgence and enjoyment after the Balloon Safari.

Bush Breakfast

Our breakfast in the bush is a 5-star affair, with multiple choices, prepared from the finest ingredients by our local cooks. It is also an adventure on its own with coffee, exotic juices, and lavish food, which will undoubtedly please every palate

“It was indeed a Miracle Safari, the view from the sky was unforgettable and endless,” says Benedict, one of our guests.

Our Hot Air Balloon Safari across the Serengeti promises you an awakening to be shared with your loved ones in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Fly up high as “we follow no road” to witness the beauty and the freedom of ‘the land which never ends.’ The mystical Serengeti awaits you.

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