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From Barcelona to the Serengeti

Slowly gliding above the green landscape of the Serengeti in a Hot Air Balloon safari sounds like a dream come true for many people around the world, and so was the case for Mercedes S and her loved ones who came all the way from Barcelona for the pleasure of trying out their first ever balloon flight. Crossing over 5800 km to reach the gates of this majestic and unique national park is no small feat but one we are sure has proven itself worth every step.

Truly unlike no other, this adventure takes the crown if you are looking for a peaceful and simultaneously thrilling experience. While rising into the air in a wicker basket attached to a nylon sack filled with hot air may seem like a daunting experience at first, the group soon realized that they had nothing to be afraid of. As they began to float over the serene plains of the Serengeti, the tension quickly faded to leave room for pure awe at this magnificent spectacle. Bathed in the soft glow of the rising sun and a warm September breeze, our group had the chance to watch the plains and its many wonders come to life before their eyes.

Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari over Serengeti Savannah

Balloon flight over the Serengeti

Flying over one of the silver-sinuating rivers that snake across the savannah, the group was able to peer over the side of the basket at the awakening wildlife of the Serengeti. Sailing quietly over the plains, they had the opportunity of spotting the large herds of wildebeests making their way north to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, pride of lions lounging on the indigenous Kopjes scattered around the Serengeti, and maybe even a few crocodiles at the river crossing. Using his years of experience, our pilot easily helped the group locate the best part of the attraction before gently floating back to the ground, just in time for a sumptuous breakfast in the bush.

Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari over the Rivers of Serengeti Savannah

While going for a well-experienced hot air balloon company is always recommended, your first basket ride can truly make or break this amazing attraction. Our team is thus glad and honored by the trust Mercedes and her companions placed in the Miracle Experience for their first-ever flight. Our pilots, ground crew, and cooks really put their all into providing an authentic and memorable experience reflected in the appreciation of our guests.

Mercedes S on TripAdvisor

“It was the first time we went in a balloon and we loved it. You feel relaxed and in awe of the beautiful scenery of the Serengeti and the calmness of the flight. We really enjoyed the experience. The pilot Paddy is an excellent professional and charming person.

Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari over Serengeti Savannah Rivers

We recommend everyone to try it.”

If there is one thing that could make people leave the perfect Barcelona end-of-summer weather, it has got to be this once-in-a-lifetime adventure over the Serengeti plains.

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