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Diversifying Zanzibar’s Tour Selection: Introducing Speed Boat Adventures.

Zanzibar Submarine is pleased to announce the expansion of our tour offerings, introducing the exhilarating addition of Speed Boat adventures to our activities. As a premier provider of underwater exploration and sea surface expeditions, we are excited to extend our services to include the thrill of high-speed maritime adventures.

Our state-of-the-art Speed Boats are a means of travel and a promise of excitement, wind-in-your-hair freedom, and the joy of the open sea. Designed with both safety and performance in mind, these vessels provide an exhilarating way to sail across the blue waters of Zanzibar, combining the adrenaline of speed with the elegance of modern boating. They are your gateway to experiencing the freedom of the open sea, the rush of the wind, and the unmatched joy of exploring the ocean’s surface.

Designed for adventurers, families, and sea enthusiasts alike, our Speed Boat tours promise an exceptional experience. They offer the opportunity to uncover secluded coves, reach pristine destinations swiftly, and relish the pure exhilaration of high-speed travel. Each voyage is a unique fusion of stunning vistas, maritime luxury, and the invigorating spray of the sea.

In addition to our exciting new Speed Boat tours, Zanzibar Submarine proudly continues to offer our esteemed semi-submarine excursions. These underwater journeys provide a window into the vibrant marine ecosystems of Zanzibar, allowing guests to explore the depths and marvel at the ocean’s biodiversity, all without getting wet!Our Speed Boat tours are poised to become a standout attraction, further enriching the diverse tourist landscape of Zanzibar. With our expanded selection of tours, we invite you to join us on new adventures, create lasting memories, and share your experiences with others. For more information on our tours and to book your next adventure, visit us at The ocean is vast and filled with wonders. Are you ready to answer the call of the sea and discover what lies beyond? Join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

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