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Love is in the Air

A light breeze rustling through your hair, a postcard-worthy view, a glass of bubbly champagne, and your loved one by your side, are all the ingredients of a dream come true with Love is in the Air. This is the making of a perfect romantic getaway and a memory that will last a lifetime. This is also the story of Junior and Fernanda.

Love is in the Air inside Ballon Safri Romantic Travel

Luxury travel bloggers and madly in love couple, Junior and Fernanda of CIA Trips are avid seekers of stunning locations and beautiful adventures. Being their fourth time traveling in a hot air balloon, they knew what to expect of the experience; a panoramic view, the peaceful rush of floating through the air, and that’s about it, or so they thought. Much more than what they had expected it would be, this lovely and passionate couple shared their impressions and surprise with their followers on their Instagram page:


“Today, we did much beyond a simple balloon flight!!! We will confess to you that for us who had already seen balloons three times, the expectations were not so great… We imagined that we were lucky to find many animals during our flight and have a magnificent look at the Serengeti with a splendid sunrise, but that’s not all we received!!! The Miracle Experience team did provide much more than that with impeccable service, from reception with warmers, a beautiful flight, and when we landed… ahh breakfast!!! A 5-star banquet served in the middle of the park with a more than warm welcome and sensational food! We really were so surprised, it’s hard to explain…”

Love is in the Air through a miracle experience Love Balloon

It is now clear to see that the wonder and class of the Serengeti are not to be underestimated. Floating over the clouds to witness a glorious rosy sunrise over the endless plains in the arms of your loved one is the perfect mix between a thrilling adventure and a romantic getaway which is sure to leave everyone in awe.

While the Serengeti offers its rich history, a plethora of wild animals, and winding rivers, Miracle Experience provides the champagne, the experience, and the opportunity to share this moment with the one you love above the world’s most famous national park.

Miracle Experience exists for moments like these; for sharing, surprising, and offering the perfect getaway

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