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A Welcoming Oasis at Manyara Kibaoni: Perfect Safari Pit Stop

Welcome to Manyara Kibaoni, perfectly located in the heart of the breathtaking natural landscapes of Tanzania, ready to transform your safari into an extraordinary experience. Whether you are on your way to an exciting wildlife encounter or unwinding after a day full of adventure, this oasis offers the perfect blend of comfort, culture, and convenience to enhance every aspect of your journey.

As you step into this peaceful oasis, you’re greeted with a variety of complimentary amenities thoughtfully designed to rejuvenate your spirit and enhance your journey. Starting with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, enjoying each sip as you take in the stunning views that surround you. Our pristine washrooms provide all the comforts needed to refresh and prepare you for the day’s adventures ahead. Plus, with complimentary WiFi available throughout the facility, you can share your memorable safari moments with friends and family instantly in a serene setting.

A major highlight of Manyara Kibaoni is The Tanzanite Experience. Here, you can explore the fascinating world of Tanzanite, a rare gemstone found only within the borders of Tanzania. This exclusive museum offers a comprehensive look at the gem’s history, its unique properties, and the cultural significance it holds. Wander through a carefully crafted replica of a Tanzanite mine, and feel the thrill of discovery. Don’t forget to visit our on-site Tanzanite store, where you can select a beautiful piece of this native treasure to take home—a lasting reminder of your journey.

The Tanzanite Experience Manyara Kibaoni Reception

Moreover, Manyara Kibaoni’s offerings go beyond essential amenities. Our Gift Shop is filled with souvenirs and special finds, ranging from snacks and meals that appeal to any palate to distinctive items perfect for gifts or keepsakes. With something for everyone, your visit promises to be memorable and satisfying.

Be sure not to overlook our curio shop, Safari In Style, which features items handpicked for safari enthusiasts. Discover a collection of handcrafted goods that capture the adventurous spirit and Tanzania’s rich cultural heritage. Each item has its own story, offering a significant or thoughtful addition to your collection, or perfect as a gift. Manyara Kibaoni is both a pit stop and a destination that enhances your safari adventure, offering relaxation, cultural engagement, and an opportunity to take a piece of Tanzania home. 

Whether you’re beginning your safari adventure or reflecting on the day’s memories, our doors are open, welcoming you to a place where every traveler finds something to cherish. Connect with us to plan your trip to Manyara Kibaoni and engage yourself in the beauty and peace of Tanzania. For more information or to book your visit, please check our Partner Portal at or contact us directly at +255 785 300 009.

Experience the ultimate in safari luxury—experience Manyara Kibaoni, where every journey is an adventure, and every adventure is a story to be told.

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