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Taking the firsts steps toward sustainable tourism

As global warming remains one of the most pressing concerns of our generation its important to focus on sustainable tourism, technological advancements have allowed us to transform energy from renewable sources such as the sun and wind into power and electricity as alternatives to fossil fuels which continue to damage our planet. 

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa with Electrical Cars for sustainable tourism

Evolving with its time, Miracle Experience proudly introduces its brand new E-safari vehicle. As a hot air balloon safari company that cares deeply about the Serengeti and its ecosystem for sustainable tourism, our new e-vehicle uses the power of the sun to recharge, hence fueling the next step in our efforts to provide a service that is both respectful of the environment and non-obstructive to the wildlife of the national park.

Miracle Experience Balloon safaris offering sustainable tourism

Reducing our Carbon Footprint for sustainable tourism

This initiative enables Miracle Experience to perform our daily operations while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. Using solar energy, green vehicles have zero emission levels as they do not consume and burn non-renewable fuels which are responsible for a significant portion of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere daily. 

Beyond its ecological advantages, our E-safari vehicle also ensures that all parts of our expeditions do not disrupt the wildlife of the Serengeti. While hot air balloon safaris have the advantage of allowing close encounters with the animals without scaring them off, the sound of safari trucks has often proved to be disruptive. Vehicles running on solar energy, however, are completely soundless ensuring all aspects of our safaris are eco-friendly and without stress for the fauna and thus enhance sustainable tourism.

Miracle Experience Balloon safaris Cars offering sustainable tourism

Perfectly adapted to our needs, our e-vehicle is taken out before dawn to pick up our clients and bring them soundlessly to the launch site. After their flight in our hot air balloons, they are driven to a luxurious breakfast in the bush before being dropped back to their hotels or camps by midday. The truck then has ample time to recharge under the sun before its next trip the following morning.

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