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Our Commitment to Customer Experience Through Innovation and Best Practices

Rising to the top of Tanzania’s eco-luxury tourism industry in under four years, Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari has demonstrated tremendous success in Customer Experience and resilience despite the global challenges faced. Our company has set its foundations on the opportunity to use modern technology, creativity, and innovative solutions to give travelers the best safari experience possible.

The Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA) recently honored us with the Best Balloon Operator Award for Quality and Innovation in Service Provision.

Miracle experience Best balloon operator Award By Tanapa for good Customer Experience

We are truly grateful to TANAPA for their recognition and appreciation of our efforts to provide the best Customer Experience to our clients and for this category where our business fits so well. This award is the perfect way to show the world who we are and how hard we work to bring quality and creativity to every part of our business. 

Our purpose drives us to keep developing and enhancing our solutions to give our guests an Customer Experience unlike any other. The commitment and dedication of our people are the reasons why we rank the highest in quality and service and aim to provide the ultimate satisfaction for every guest. The focus and innovation of our practice set us apart from the competition, which is why we have ranked #1 for the Best Outdoor Activity in the Serengeti on TripAdvisor for the last three years.

Let our TripAdvisor testimonials speak for themselves!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide our visitors with an unforgettable high-end, luxury balloon safari experience while staying true to the authenticity of the Serengeti and delivering on our environmentally friendly values to the best of our abilities and provide best Customer Experience. We strive to deploy the most innovative and value-adding solutions in all facets of our company from the ground up.

Keeping our ears to the ground, we pay close attention to the industry’s latest needs to offer unique, exciting, and memorable services. To serve our purpose, we want to keep up with new trends while providing the most authentic experience possible. 

Our Miracle Experience hot air balloons, the Best balloon operator are the most comfortable and have the most advanced equipment available on the market. We offer different balloon experiences, so our guests can choose the most appropriate theme based on their style and the occasion, be it a honeymoon, wedding, family vacation, etc. You can also choose from various flight locations for your safari, such as the Seronera, Kogatende, Ndutu, Kirawira, Tarangire, and Singita Grumeti.

Tarangire Flight Location by Miracle Experience  Best balloon operator and Customer Experience

Our company strives to offer value and pay great attention to the details, which makes all the difference. We provide our clients with constant support through best Customer Experience and accompaniment at each stage of their journey to take this experience to the next level. During our balloon trips, we provide complimentary extras like binoculars to enhance wildlife viewing and in-flight coffee and tea. 

To properly capture your journey, our experienced photographers and in-flight Go Pro cameras also record our guests’ greatest moments, which are freely shared and printed out to ensure that each guest has a one-of-a-kind memento to take home. We also provide flight certificates to properly commemorate your safari in the sky. 

Our unique mobile bathrooms, famously nicknamed the “loo with a view,” are also sure to wow you. Our guests can access our free WiFi services at the launch and breakfast sites to share their excitement and the unforgettable views of the Serengeti and its neighboring parks with their loved ones. 

Loo with a View from Miracle experience  Best balloon operator

Our team even goes the extra mile to entertain our younger visitors with our custom-made children’s sketchbooks before and after the flight. From hot beverages and snacks at the launch sites to special requests, we take care of everything to ensure the best possible experience for all our clients. 

Our team of expert chefs offers exclusive breakfast and lunch service in the middle of the bush, so our guests can experience “the wild” in style. Our menu includes a wide range of tasty options, freshly made in our eco-friendly bush kitchen. Guests can choose from our special “moving buffet and a la carte menus,” which can be catered to different dietary options and special occasions.

With Miracle Experience, the journey does not stop until you are back at your lodge or hotel. Even after climbing out of your wicker basket, the car ride to the breakfast site or your trip back to your accommodations is also part of the excitement, as you can often spot wild animals in the distance and enjoy mini-game drives in addition to the hot air balloon safari. 

Bush breakfast & Lunch offered by the  Best balloon operator miracle experience Balloon safaris

Our People

At the heart of our service, our people are the driving force that has propelled us to the top of the game. We have over 150 people working like clockwork, each of whom plays an indispensable role in making the magic happen. Our employees are given extensive training to help them deliver the ultimate client experience. 

Our drivers and pilots are qualified English speakers, and some also hold satisfactory notions of multiple languages, such as Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Kiswahili, and more, to facilitate conversation, briefings, and the spotting of animals for our visitors from around the globe. We are also proud to count Rosa Perrera among our ranks, one of the few female pilot to fly in Tanzania, hopefully opening the hot air ballooning field to more and more women with her expertise. 

Rosa Parera Female Pilot from the  Best balloon operator ,The Miracle Expereience

At Miracle Experience, we are famous for our spirit of best Customer Experience and love of life. Our “celebrations,” where we dance and sing, set us apart from our competitors by offering a fun, dynamic, and authentic experience. To celebrate their safari in true Tanzanian fashion, guests can count on our team to always honor “furaha ya Maisha,” which means “the enjoyment of life,” no matter the occasion.

We pride ourselves on being a diverse and cross-functional team that creates original solutions by putting collective ideas into action. We strive to keep improving what we do, becoming more flexible in our approach, and giving our visitors the best possible experience when they visit our beautiful country, Tanzania. 

With a desire to give back to the people of our amazing home, Miracle Experience has recently taken eleven children, four teachers, and the headmaster from Bondeni School, near the region, on their first-ever hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti, free of charge. We also provide the school with free Wi-Fi to improve their learning experience and exposure.

 Miracle Experience Balloon,Best balloon operator offers A ride to Kids

Our Practices towards best Customer Experience

Our core business practices are built to add value to our clients’ safaris through good Customer Experience while ensuring we treat the local people, the environment, and the wildlife with the utmost respect.

All our bases run on solar, and most of our amenities are powered by clean energy. As a result, our carbon footprint has been greatly reduced. We want to set an example of how to help Tanzania’s tourism grow sustainably. 

  • We are the first balloon safari company to add an electric vehicle (EV) to their expanding fleet, intending to convert all of our safari cars to EVs in the near future. Thanks to our friends at E-Motion Africa, we successfully retrofit our safari vehicles to electric engines to ensure the minimum waste of existing resources. Our safari now benefits from quieter safari vehicles that use zero combustion fuel and pollution for fewer disruptions to the local wildlife, a significant advantage during game drives. We have also built an EV charging station to ensure sustainable and long-term use of these eco-friendly vehicles. 
  • Our water is extracted from a borehole which supplies water to the camp through a solar water pump. Our reverse osmosis plant filters then clean this water, making it 100% safe to use. 
  • Our waste recycling program ensures that old balloon equipment is not thrown out but turned into useful items such as tables, chairs, and other souvenirs.
  • All plastic bottles and cups used during our excursions or in our offices are taken to a center where they are sorted and cleaned so they can be reused or recycled into other items. 
  • We reuse empty champagne bottles and other broken glass waste by donating them to a glass-blowing facility that transforms the glass into premium home decor goods. 
  • We have participated in many de-snaring efforts to guarantee that we actively protect the animals around us.
  • We have established new standards for safe practices. Our pilots use a comprehensive pre-flight safety checklist above industry standards because your safety is our top priority.

Our guests can count on us for a high-end luxury safari experience that doesn’t sacrifice eco-consciousness, conservation, or responsible travel. The quality of our service is unmatched, and our passion is what drives us. We stand out from our competitors because our purpose, people, and practices encourage innovation, welcome change, and care for our environment, community, and visitors.

 Miracle Experience Balloon Safaris the Best balloon operator In Tanzania

“The hot air balloon ride and breakfast were absolutely incredible. Of course, flying over the Safari is beautiful and a highlight of our trip, but this company has thought of every detail and makes the whole experience truly exquisite. The operations are seamless, and the ride was amazing and fun thanks to our Pilot Captain Barry. Breakfast was huge and delicious in a stunning setting, and the energy of the team singing songs and telling stories made it so much fun. Thank you for such a memorable and fun Safari! Asante Sana!” Micaela M 

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