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Top 10 Activities to do While in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It is home to a large variety of wildlife and fauna, and also one of the ten natural wonders of the world: The Great Migration.

The Serengeti is stretched along 30,000 square feet of land and provides a wide array of things to see and do during a visit. As a company that operates in the Serengeti area, here are 10 activities we recommend doing in Serengeti National Park.

Top 10 Activities to do in Serengeti national park

Game drive in Serengeti national park; one of the activities to do

Game Drives

Lion King is a classic that is loved by all. Serengeti gives you the atmosphere to live the Lion King experience in real life. You can spot Zazu(s) flying around or sounders of Pumbaa galloping. Yes, I am talking about the African red-billed hornbill and Warthogs. Whether you are a fan of birds or an animal lover, Serengeti has got it all! The best way to see them close enough is through a game drive. As much as one would like to cover the park in its entirety, it is not possible due to its massive size. You will have to choose an area to visit or make multiple visits to see a different scene each time. 

Be sure to book the tour which fits your preferences. It is necessary to choose the correct guide and company. This is because some are better at spotting animals than others. Your tour guide can make or break your Serengeti experience.

A Hot Air Balloon Safari Over the Serengeti National Park

Hot air balloon safari ; an activity to do in the Serengeti

The excitement of watching animals in their natural form elevates the heart and lifts your feet off the floor! Why not try that practically? Safaris from the sky is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you a birds-eye view of Serengeti. You should browse thoroughly and check reviews before deciding what company to go with on this journey.

The journey is no less than a miracle! As the balloon ascends, you will marvel at the vast plain of Serengeti. Endless acres of land inhabited by countless species. And as you descend, you will be able to look at the animals exactly how a bird views them. At the end of the ride, a delicious breakfast awaits you amid Serengeti park.

Imagine sitting on luscious plains with soft winds blowing while delicacies are served. And as you reach for your water, you’ll notice hues of sparkle that the sun above gives. So, close your eyes, feel the surrounding, listen to the earth, and savor each moment.

We like to call it the “Miracle Experience”.

Be A Part Of The Great Migration

See the great migration; an activity to do in Serengeti National Park

The great migration is considered one of nature’s wondrous spectacles. It is a time when hooved animals such as Wildebeest, Zebras, and Gazelles cross over the Mara river in search of food and greener pastures. Many people flock to the Serengeti to witness this breathtaking scene.

You should know that the Migration is not a one-day event and takes place over a while. Always inform your Safari operator so that they can thoughtfully plan to optimize your chances of seeing the migration. The best feel and viewing of this epic movie is through Aerial view. Hop on to one of the Balloons and watch the migration happen right below you.

Walking safaris in Serengeti National Park.

Now that we have established two great ways to explore Serengeti, this one is for the brave and adventurous. Only 25% of Serengeti is open to tourism by going around in cars, which leaves 75% of the unseen territory. The way to explore these areas is on foot.

If you love camping and backpacking, read along! You can either have a base camp and explore the surroundings around this, have a moving base with a crew to help move and set up, or go on a full-out adventure and carry on with the minimum to survive. It is one of the best ways to feel one with nature!

Get A History Lesson At Olduvai Gorge

Olduvai gorge; a place to visit in Serengeti National Park

Known as the cradle of Humanity, Olduvai Gorge is a great place for a history lesson about Evolution.

The crude stone tools and animal fossils found by Leakey are available at the gorge site, which dates back to 2 million years.

Furthermore, the site holds evidence of the earliest human existence, with the discovery of a fossil hominid named Zinjathropus. The gorge is towards the south of Serengeti National Park and is a must-see for those heading towards the Ngorongoro crater.

Experience The wildlife At Night in A Tent/Lodge

Sleeping in the wild, one of the many fun activities to do in Serengeti National park

Ever thought about what is like sleeping around so many wild animals? Enjoy the thrill from the safety of tented lodges in Serengeti. If you are lucky enough, you may awake to the sight of an animal right at your doorstep. It is the perfect way to experience life in an African bush. Do not forget to gaze at the sky and amp up your constellation skills. The pitch-black and serenity of the surrounding allows you to let yourself become one with nature and soak in all its marvels.

Visit The Bologonja Springs

An amazing activity to do in Serengeti National park; a visit to bologonja springs

We like to call this activity one of the hidden gems of the Serengeti National Park simply because not many tourists seem to visit this area. These springs have a lot of attractive flora and fauna surrounding them as well as certain wildlife such as Giraffes, elephants, and antelopes. It is also a great place to go bird-watching. You can get to enjoy all this with the minimal human intrusion.

The Grumeti River

Wildebeest getting ready to cross the Grumeti river

The Grumeti River offers one of the nail-biting moments of the Serengeti migration. Located at the border of Serengeti National Park and Mara, it is a natural corridor to aid the migration between the two parks. It is not a place to miss for Avid nature lovers. This river is home to crocodiles, and the migration journey comes down to survival of the fittest. Due to its remote location, only a few lodges are available with a capacity of 60 guests at a time. It is the best way to enjoy the serenity of an exclusive location and service.

In other words, Grumeti is your private Serengeti! And it is probably one of the best locations in the territory to view lions.

View Wildlife At Seronera River Valley

An activity to do in Serengeti National Park; viewing wildlife

This area is considered Serengeti National Park at its natural best. Located in the central Serengeti region, the Seronera river valley has an abundance of unique flora and fauna. This abundance attracts plenty of herbivores such as gazelles, giraffes, and other wildlife. As you know, where there is plenty of prey, predators are present. You will never miss a thing when in this valley.

Explore the Retina Hippo Pool

A great activity to do in Serengeti National Park; viewing hippos at the retina hippo pool

Tanzania is well known for its abundance of Hippos. Serengeti National Park houses plenty of hippos in different regions, but none can surpass the Retina Hippo pool. Here, Hippos gather to feed, soak in warm water, and fight territorial battles. Despite being known as the Hippo pool, it houses crocodiles too!

Enjoy The Serengeti National Park!

Now that you know what Serengeti has in store for you, we would like to suggest getting an Aerial view of the park through a hot air balloon safari. Following this, a safari on the land, coupled with a few nights in the African Bush. Remember to bring along binoculars and good walking shoes!

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