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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Singita Grumeti Reserve

An unsuspected oasis hidden to the North-West of the Serengeti, the Singita Grumeti Reserve is a well-kept secret among safari lovers. The remoteness of the site and the limited number of visitors and developments in the area have left the reserve almost completely untamed and unaffected by the touch of a man. It is a peaceful Eden where the animals live wild and are free to roam the broken savanna far from the throngs of tourists pouring into national parks every year. With its few luxury lodges and unique safari experiences, Singita Grumeti allows you to enjoy a quiet and exclusive but still absolutely thrilling tour of our beloved Serengeti

Covering 411km² of the bush, this secluded site is a prime spot to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration as they roam from the endless plains of the Serengeti on their way to the Maasai Mara. While probably less famous than the Mara River crossing, the reserve is also witnessing some jaw-snapping action as millions of wildebeest attempt to pass the Grumeti River and its hungry crocodiles. Singita Grumeti Reserve is also home to the Big Five: the lion, the leopard, the rhino, the elephant, and the African buffalo which can easily be spotted either on a game drive or while soaring above the golden plains on a hot air balloon ride.

About Singita Grumeti Reserve

The Grumeti Game Reserve was founded in 1994 by the government of Tanzania in an effort to protect the Great Wildebeest Migration routes from possible developments. The conservation rights have, since 2002, been bestowed upon the Grumeti Fund which is now in charge of managing and protecting its flourishing bio-diversity. Despite its small surface and remote location, the Singita Grumeti Reserve Game is a vital part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. The home of an abundance of different indigenous species, the locals, professional conservationists, and tour operators all join forces in maintaining and honoring this sanctuary.  

The region is mostly secluded but boasts a selection of luxury eco-lodges and campsites that are sure to awaken your taste for both adventure and fine things. With constant hope for the survival of the Singita Grumeti Reserve, the accommodations are deeply committed to their vision of low-impact tourism focused on sustainability, wildlife conservation, and the protection of the flora. The eco and adventure tourists brought by these lodges greatly contribute to the reserve and its surroundings by providing employment to the local community and the necessary funds to ensure this piece of wilderness remains protected.

Singita Grumeti Plains View From The Hot Air Balloon Safari

Why Visit Singita Grumeti Reserve?

While the Serengeti is famous for its diversity, adventures, and landscape, the Singita Grumeti Reserve is equipped to give you just that and more. Between its booming wildlife, picturesque views, exclusive atmosphere, splendid lodges, and special attractions, there are about a hundred reasons to visit Singita Grumeti Reserve. Here are our top ones:

Great Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration is famous for being the largest synchronized animal movement in the world. Over 2 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles simultaneously embark on a clockwise exodus from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Singita Grumeti Game Reserve is ideally positioned to offer visitors a private viewing of this one-of-a-kind expedition. As they continue their journey towards greener pastures, the hoards risk their lives in the cold and dangerous crossing of the Singita Grumeti Reserve River, home to gigantic Nile crocodiles measuring up to 17 feet. Witnessing this spectacular scene from the safety of a hot air balloon or following the lucky survivors further into the reserve on a game drive is an unforgettable experience.


State-of-the-art meets the authentic and eco-friendly in the charming lodges and campsites scattered around the Singita Grumeti reserve. The luxurious lodges offer all the comfort and facilities of a hotel with Singita Grumeti Reserve as your garden view. You’ll get the chance to relax after a long day exploring and indulge in the finest food and entertainment. A peaceful and comfortable stay in most of the lodges and campsites includes succulent local and international dishes, refreshing pools to cool down in the summer heat, and unique sleeping accommodations from grand suites to rustic tented bedrooms. When well situated, some lodges can even allow you to witness the wildebeest crossing the river from the comfort and safety of your balcony. Each accommodation also provides its own set of activities ranging from flights in a Hot Air Balloon, bonfires, game drives, guided night walks into the bush, and much more.

Hot Air Balloon

What better way to enjoy the full extent of the Singita Grumeti Reserve than to marvel at its wonders from the sky? A hot air balloon ride gives you the chance to take flight and be mesmerized by the rolling plains, its numerous feelings of pride of lions, beautiful topography, and, at a specific time of the year, the Great Wildebeest Migration and the Grumeti River crossing. Floating above the bush, you will easily be able to spot giraffes feeding from the acacia trees, leopards hunting in the tall grass, troops of beautiful black and white colobus monkeys in the Riverine forest, hippos and crocodiles in the river, and much more. Cross two things off your bucket list at once by embarking on a hot air balloon safari through the exclusive Grumeti Reserve. 

Miracle experience Balloon Glass Basket in Singita Grumeti Reserve


The Singita Grumeti Reserve is well-known for its diverse ecosystem and booming wildlife. Spread out over 140,000 hectares, the fauna of the reserve can easily be spotted all year round. Home of the Big Five, Singita Grumeti Reserve is known for the regular sighting of its impressive pride of lions. These carnivores are often spotted lounging in groups in the short grass or resting in the branches of low trees. The passage of the Great Migration naturally invites all the big cats to come out and play. Lions, leopards, and cheetahs as well as hyenas and wild dogs all converge on the plains in search of their next meal.

Singita Grumeti Reserve also boasts an equally wide range of herbivores that often fall prey to the many predators that roam the plains. Giraffes, impalas, zebras, wildebeests, waterbucks, antelopes, and more share the fresh grass and water holes of the reserve. Herds of elephants also stomp through the plains of Grumeti in large numbers, sometimes reaching up to 50 per group. These gentle giants have even been spotted casually drinking from the pools of some lodges to the delight of the residents.

In the Riverine region, the black and white colobus monkeys have taken residence in the dense forest trees. Among the least aggressive primates found, these herbivores are usually seen playing in the trees, using the branches as trampolines, or lazily sunbathing.

Elephant View in Singita Grumeti Reserve


A stunning display of Singita Grumeti Reserve nature’s artistic talent, the African sunrise is known to be picture-worthy. Enjoy one of these resplendent sunrises from the comfort of your balcony sipping on a warm cup of coffee, during a walk through the wild, or from a prime vantage point leaning against the wicker basket of a hot air balloon. A brilliant mix of vivid yellow, orange, pink, and purple, watching the sun peak over the horizon, silhouetting the acacia trees is a spectacle you will never forget.

Beautiful Sunrise in Singita Grumeti Reserve

A Private Serengeti

Far from the throngs of tourists pouring into national parks, the Singita Grumeti Reserve is a unique opportunity to experience a private tour of the Serengeti. Having suffered close to no human alterations, Grumeti has no road and allows for a real adventure with its off-road game drives. What one can observe from a hot air balloon’s vantage point is a totally wild and untouched bush; a real haven where animals and humans are free to roam.

Covid-19 Precautions in Singita Grumeti Reserve


To enjoy a different safari experience, a walking guided tour is a great way to observe the reserve’s booming flora and fauna up close. Qualified guides and trackers will help you learn about the diverse variety of colorful birds as well as indigenous plants and their many uses. You might also get the chance to see some giraffes feeding on nearby trees, elephants playing in the waterholes, and many other memorable encounters. The safety of visitors is a priority and bush walks are only allowed when accompanied by guides who have experience in exploring areas with dangerous wildlife.

Game drives

The Singita Grumeti Reserve is famous for its impressive wildlife, the area is one of the most diversely populated regions in Africa. Game drives provide an amazing opportunity to witness and follow the Great Wildebeest Migration. You can also book a special night drive with a qualified tour operator and discover the safari experience after sundown when the plains have cooled from the day’s harsh sun and the animals come out of the shade. Game-driven vehicles are usually equipped with torches and lamps to help you spot the different animals in the bush.

Best Times to Visit Grumeti

While the Grumeti Game Reserve is a real treat all year round, the best time to visit could vary from person to person. For some, the period of June to July is the best as it offers a certain chance of spotting the Great Wildebeest Migration having just crossed the Mara River on their way North. During these months, you will get the opportunity to witness millions of wildebeests, gazelles, and impalas as they attempt to pass the Grumeti River to reach green pastures.

While Grumeti is a quiet and rarely packed safari location, some travelers still prefer to visit between September and October. As the migration has already passed through the reserve, a few groups of wildebeests can still be seen roaming around the bush along with other animals. This period is usually a better fit for visitors who prefer a slightly off-peak season.

If you can’t fly out to Grumeti during these few months, this is not a problem. The reserve has a lot of wonderful sightings and expeditions to offer all year round. 

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Regular tour

The Singita Grumeti Reserve is a thrilling and mesmerizing haven for a plethora of wild animals. Lesser known and more exclusive than the usually bustling Serengeti, a hot air balloon safari over the Grumeti region allows one to enjoy an almost private adventure with friends and family. Looking over the edge of the wicker basket, you will get the chance to observe nature at its wildest, from the deafening hoofbeats of millions of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles, the deadly splashing of the Nile crocodiles of Grumeti River, the trumpeting of a baby elephant calling for his herd, the strident hoot of the colobus monkeys to the soundless grazing of impalas, impressive giraffes and more. A hot air balloon flight gives you the perfect vantage point to enjoy every aspect of this wonderful land. 

Balloon Shadow over Singita Grumeti Reserve

Romantic heart

Love is an adventure and what better way of professing yours than by embarking on a peaceful but thrilling ride in our heart-shaped Love balloon? Whether you are planning a surprise engagement, a daring honeymoon escapade, or simply a romantic holiday with your loved one, gently rising through the air, marveling at the stunning colors of the African sunrise and sailing over the famous acacia trees pushed by a soft breeze is as romantic as it gets. During this exclusive tour, you will have the opportunity to spot the many wonders of the Grumeti Game Reserve while enjoying the company of your other half in total privacy.

While not as widely known, the Singita Grumeti Reserve will leave you feeling like you booked a private tour of the Serengeti. With its wide wildlife population and a plethora of indigenous plants, exploring the region is an adventure you will never forget. If like many before you, you can’t wait to admire the Grumeti Game Reserve from the sky, book a flight with our team, and embark on a trip you’ll never forget.

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